Louise Daniels

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Louise Daniels - About my Art Practice

I am proud to be a Tasmanian woman of trawlwoolway, palawa heritage, mixed with Irish and British ancestry.

I love to draw, paint and make things with my hands.  My current art practice utlises all three of these elements with charcoal drawings, acrylic paintings and wire sculpture, and I have recently been working with oil paints as well.

My landscapes celebrate the colours, land-forms and watercourses of beautiful North Western Tasmania where I grew up and currently live.  As a Palawa woman I feel a strong bond with this place and I express this personal connection through my paintings.

Much of my work features the rolling, multi-coloured farmlands around Forth with the Dial Range to the west or the Great Western Tiers soaring up in the east. Bright green vegetable crops grow from rich red basalt soils. Towering eucalypts, ancient pines, scrubby tea trees and swamp paperbarks grow between and around the farms, adding to the vast array of green hues in the landscape. Poppies and pyrethrum daisies compete for attention in summer.

I also make figurative aluminium wire sculpture and enjoy creating little wire sculptural narratives. Many with humour, some with love, all are representations of familiar moments in human life.  

Last year, 2019, I completed my Bachelor of Contemporary Arts  with Honours at the University of Tasmania, Inveresk Campus.  It was a great developmental experience which provided new directions for my professional practice.  This includes exploration and re-telling of the experiences of my Tasmanian Aboriginal ancestors, and since graduation I have new works in development.  In February 2020 I am part of a new group of Aboriginal Tasmanian creatives participating in the  taypani milaythina-tu - Returning to Country Project run by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart.  This is a natural extension to my art practice, but, like many projects, has been delayed because of COVID-19 restrictions.